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Meet the team that keeps our group functioning, plans community events, and researches partnerships and organizations to support the MSL community. They also review major community initiatives and next steps and train volunteers. The committee also plans and facilitates group meetings, meets new members individually, and shares resources.


Pin Murder Suicide Loss Network


Connie MSL Network

Connie Harrington


Connie lost her former husband to his brother, who then took his own life, in July 2016 in a small Virginia town. Her two young children were seven and 10 at the time of the loss. Six years into her survivor journey, she found the MSL community. From her first meeting, she felt enriched and strengthened by hearing stories of MSL survivors who had walked a similar path.


Today, Connie is a researcher and writer, mom and cat mom, and a MSL group facilitator. She serves on the leadership team for her area's Trauma Informed Community Network, part of a Virginia-wide initiative to raise trauma awareness and build more resilient communities throughout the state.

Mitch MSL Network

Mitch Maryanov


Mitch Maryanov is a retired carpenter who lost his parents to murder-suicide in 1990. He looks forward to meeting people with whom he can connect who may understand how this affects survivors like us. He states, "My story begins on August 10, 1990. I was called by a family friend to see why my parents had been unreachable for 2 days. I went to their house and found them in the master bedroom. My father had shot my mother then himself. From the moment I found them life was forever changed." Mitch is a member of this community’s Steering Committee and volunteers his time to helping other survivors move forward after their losses.

Pin MSL Network
Jenna MSL Network

Jenna Howe


Jenna was 36 when she lost her mother in 2022 to her brother, the perpetrator, who she then lost two days later. Jenna also lost a pregnancy in the weeks following the murder-suicide. Jenna credits finding and joining the support group within the first weeks out from her loss as a major factor in her resilience.

Jenna is now a mother, a writer, an advocate for mental health reform, and especially enjoys giving back to the survivor community.

Murder-suicide pin

The Ribbon

Created by taking black from murder, teal from suicide, and adding a white stripe of hope connecting them. Designed by survivors Mitch M, Tina C, and Michael V.

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